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Phil Naro is a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award winning performer for singing the theme song for the cartoon “6Teen”, as well as an internationally acclaimed composer, singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist. www.philnaro.com

Naro’s career began in his hometown of Rochester, New York at the age of fifteen where he performed in a variety of popular High School bands. Word of his amazingly powerful voice and his tremendous four octave range quickly spread to the bar bands where he pursued his musical career.

1979 Naro had his first major musical opportunity in Toronto, Ontario, where he joined the popular band “Chain Reaction.” The band released two album’s one thru Trillium Records and one thru Attic Records, in 1982 the band played an intense coast-to-coast tour schedule of 600 shows in two years. Following the release of “X-Rated Dream 2”, Naro returned to Western New York.

In late 1983 Billy Sheehan of Talas was in search of a lead singer for his band. Billy found the voice he was looking for via Phil Naro. In 1984 after numerous performances, the band recorded “Live Speed on Ice" at L'Amour with Relativity Records in New York City which simultaneously made the top ten charts in both England and Japan. www.billysheehan.com

1989 saw Naro writing music for and performing on Lee Aaron's 1989 multi-platinum selling album "Body Rock" produced by Grammy winning producer Tom Lord-Alge known for his work with Billy Joel, The Cure, Steve Winwood, Marilyn Manson and The Rolling Stones.

By the the mid 90s’s Naro had become a highly sought after session musician and was discovered by producer Eddie Kramer who had worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and KISS. This discovery resulted in Kramer recommended Naro to former KISS drummer  Peter Criss who was about to release a 2nd solo album. Two of Naro’s songs, “Bad People” and “Blue Moon over Brooklyn” appeared on Criss’ 1995 release, “Cat 1.” www.petercriss.net

1994 Phil releases his debut album Press Play and teams up with John Rogers (Brighton Rock, Long Tom and the Dusty Danglers) to form an acoustic duo The Phil & John Show to play the Ontario Club Circuit. They play both originals and covers. www.thephilandjohnshow.com

2002 Phil released “Glass Mountain” his 3rd solo album to critical acclaim.

In 2004, Phil was asked by long time friend Don Mancuso to collaborate with him and former Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm www.lougramm.com on the first of three DDrive albums which resulted in a release in 2005. The album received critical acclaim and airplay in the US, Australia, and Europe. The band “DDrive’s” signature sound blends strong classic rock roots with a modern edge sound all its own. The first DDrive CD did so well that Mancuso and Naro decided to put together the band’s second release in 2007 entitled "Straight Up the Middle." The new album received accolades from a rapidly growing legion of DDrive fans, and is in its second pressing. Following the success of the release, the band shot and released a video in the summer '08 for the track “Pray for Tomorrow”.   

2006 see’s the release of “Cover Art” by “The Phil and John Show”

In 2008 while performing with “Classic Albums Live” Naro and other accomplished Toronto members from Classic Albums Live, with their love of progressive rock music, formed the band “Druckfarben” (www.druckfarben.ca). They perform live and captivate audiences throughout the Ontario region of Canada. In September 2011, they released their debut CD “Druckfarben”.

In 2010  DDrive signs with US independent record label Melodic Revolution Records http://mrrmusic.com and release their 3rd album “3D” which was the long awaited follow up to “Straight Up the Middle” (2007). Suffice to say, it was worth the wait. The album has been well received by both fans and media alike around the world. 3D is an album that will be enjoyed for generations to come. 3D has great significance as well, not only as DDRIVE's 3rd release but the CD is also housed in a special edition 3D cover with 3D Glasses and features eleven rocking tracks plus the album features some special guests like long-time friend Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Talas, David Lee Roth) on the first single “Dig Down.”

In 2010, Naro produced and performed on Jim Crean's album Velvet Crush which was released in November 2011. http://www.jimcrean.net

2011 Phil collaborated with Italian prog band ifsounds (www.ifsounds.com) on the track “Don’t Go” from the bands EP, Unusual Roots

2012 Phil joins former Crack The Sky members Joe Macre and Vincent DePaul in the Progressive AOR band King Friday and record the album Let the Song Begin

2013 was a busy year for Phil with an April 2013, DDrive released their first retrospective “Critical Mass,” the music included music recorded between 2004& 2013 with newly re-recorded acoustic version of “I’m A Little Outside” plus a brand new song called “Ten Things I hate the Most”.

July 2013, Druckfarben released their first concert DVD “Artifact,” from the bands debut performance recorded live at the Mod Club in Toronto

August 2013, Mitch Lafon released “A World with Heros – A KISS Tribute for Cancer Care” album in which Mitch contacted Phil to have him record several of the songs that were included in the album, which include: “Psycho Circus” with DDrive;  “Nowhere to Run” with Druckfarben; “Magic Touch” with Jim Crean and Vinny Appice; bonus track of “Beth” by Naro, William Hare and Ed Bernard of Druckfarben; and two deluxe itune edition tracks which included: “No, I'm Not Afraid” and “Wait for a Minute to R & R” with Naro and Peter Criss from 1991.

November 2013, DDrive's release a 3 track EP “Intermission” featuring 2 covers and a new original  "Paying Your Dues" originally recorded and released in the mid 70's by Black Sheep (which featured Don Mancuso, & Lou Gramm); "Sink Your Teeth" a track originally recorded by Talas plus a new original called "Rock It".

2014 Druckfarben releases Second Sound. Phil appears on Through The Turbulence an album by Venezuela prog band Backhand

2014 Phil joins New York prog band Unified Past and records the highly acclaimed album Shifting the Equilibrium which is released in 2015. The band is working on a new album.

2015 DDrive releases the concert DVD Live at Rochester International Jazz Festival

2016 DDrive release their 6th CD a 5 track ep “To Live & To Love”

2017 Phil plans on releasing his 4 solo album Shangri la Hotel

Phil is endorsed by
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