The core band consists of Don Mancuso (Black Sheep, Cheater, Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire, Lou Gramm Band) Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Cris, 24 K), Lou Gramm ( Black Sheep, Foreigner, Shadow King, Lou Gramm Band), Dave Quick (Kid Kurry Band), Joe Lana (Uncle Plum), Andy Knoll (Lou Gramm Band) and Richard Gramm (Black Sheep, Lou Gramm Band).
Other guest musicians appearing on the CD are:
Jeff Cosco, Jim Crean, Jessie Hamilton, Larry Crozier and Brian Eggleston.

1. I'm A Little Outside 2. Down Rotten Dirty 3. Lock Lips 4. Wait Till The Sun Goes Down 5. Can't Dig Your Way Out 6. Why Is Everybody 7. Down U Go 8. Funny Pages 9. You're Never Alone 10. Missing 11. Build My Castle 12. I'm Finding Out 13. Hey Bulldog.



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