Don Mancuso and DDRIVE - Live at the Rochester International Jazz Fest

Recorded Live June 23rd 2014 Rochester International Jazz Festival

Track Listing Don Mancuso Set:
Blazin Glory - DDBop - Green Bay Reggae - Help - Breaking Caylee - Bugs Bite - I'm Free (Pat Patrone: Vocals)

Track Listing DDrive Set:
Lock Lips - Pray For Tomorrow - Funny Pages - Welcome To My World - Straight Up The Middle - Missing - Payin Your Dues - Build My Castle - Down, Rotten, Dirty - Next Train

Phil Naro: Vocals, Don Mancuso: Guitars & Vocals. David Session Guitar, J.T. Taylor: Bass, Bobby Bond: Drums & Percussion

Special Guest Pat Patrone: Vocals on I'm Free

Filmed and Edited by Jim Morris / Man Cave Recordings
Music Recorded and Mastered by Bill Thompson
Mixed and Produced by Bill Thompson and Don Mancuso
Live Mixer Mike Updaw

Intermission - 2013
Phil Naro (Vocals & Guitar) Don Mancuso (Guitars & Vocals) David Session (Guitar) J.T. Taylor (Bass) Bobby Bond (Drums & Percussion)

Special Guest:
Larry Crozier (Keyboards)

Track Listing:
1. Payin Your Dues 2. Sink Your Teeth 3. Rock It

Critical Mass - 2013
Phil Naro (Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica) Don Mancuso (Guitars, Bass & Mandolin) J.T. Taylor (Bass) Bobby Bond (Drums & Percussion)

Special Guests:
AD Kimmer, Andy Knoll, Billy Sheehan, Brian Eggleston, Dave Quick, Jeff Cosco, Jessie Hamilton, Jim Crean, Joe Lana, John Naro, Larry Crozier, Lou Gramm, Richard Gramm.

Track Listing:
1. Dig Down 2. Down Rotten Dirty 3. Diamond Star Halo 4. Next Train 5. You're Never Alone 6. Pray For Tomorrow 7. Always Done 8. Can’t Dig Your Way Out 9. Welcome To My World 10. Build My Castle 11. A Little Bitta Sunshine
12. Down Deep 13. Missing 14. Chains On You 15. Lock Lips 16. Never Had A Chance

3D - 2010 

Phil Naro (Vocals/Guitar) Don Mancuso (Guitar/Vocals) John Naro (Guitar/Vocals) Bobby Bond (Drums) John Taylor (Bass/Vocals)

Special Guest:
Legendary Bass Player Billy Sheehan (Mr.Big, David Lee Roth, Talas)

Track Listing:
1. Next Train 2. Dig Down (featuring Billy Sheehan) 3. Kiss the Ground 4.Chains On You 5. Never Had A Chance 6. Last To Fall 7. Down Deep 8. Always Done 9. 1 To 7 10.Tumblin 11. Welcome To My World.

Straight Up The Middle - 2006
Phil Naro (Vocals & Acoustic Guitars) Don Mancuso (Guitars,Bass & Mandolin) Andy Knoll (Keys, Samples & Sequencing) Joe Lana (Drums) Richard Gramm (Bass)

Special Guest:
Lou Gramm, Dave Quick,AD Kimmer& John Taylor (Background Vocals)

Track Listing:
1. A Little Bitta Sunshine 2. Straight Up The Middle 3. Lick Your Lips 4. Dead On The Highway 5. Pray For Tomorrow 6. Whose Side You're On 7. Can You Dig It 8. I Don't Wanna Wait 9. I Can Feel No Pain 10. Love Me 11. Diamond Star Halo 12. Another Funky Day

Don Mancuso's D Drive - 2004

The core band consists of Don Mancuso (Black Sheep, Cheater, Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire, Lou Gramm Band) Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Cris, 24 K), Lou Gramm ( Black Sheep, Foreigner, Shadow King, Lou Gramm Band), Dave Quick (Kid Kurry Band), Joe Lana (Uncle Plum), Andy Knoll (Lou Gramm Band) and Richard Gramm (Black Sheep, Lou Gramm Band).

Other guest musicians appearing on the CD are:
Jeff Cosco, Jim Crean, Jessie Hamilton, Larry Crozier and Brian Eggleston.

Track Listing:
1. I'm A Little Outside 2. Down Rotten Dirty 3. Lock Lips 4. Wait Till The Sun Goes Down 5. Can't Dig Your Way Out 6. Why Is Everybody 7. Down U Go 8. Funny Pages 9. You're Never Alone 10. Missing 11. Build My Castle 12. I'm Finding Out 13. Hey Bulldog.



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